Dario Chicaiza



I enjoy contributing to human evolution with innovative and powerful ideas based on science, consciousness, and nature.

Electronic Engineer specialized in automation and control & Augmented reality developer.

My background is focused on maintenance, process engineering, and continuous improvement within the automotive industry.

  • Birthday: 12 Oct 1986
  • Website: http://www.dariochicaiza.com/
  • Phone: +61 46 7734 818
  • City: Melbourne, Australia
  • Age: 35
  • Degree: Current, 1 year Artificial intelligence Master
  • Email: dadobtx@hotmail.com
  • Freelance: Available for Power BI Dashboard

As an automation engineer, coding and programming are inherent in my life. In fact, I take advantage of technological development to improve systems along with empathic and friendly designs.


I consider myself a responsible and loyal person committed to common goals and responsibility within the place where I have worked, so I had the opportunity to support projects for my company and its stakeholders, achieving personal and group challenges in my academic and work-life which are depicted in the following facts.

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My skills are divided into two fields such as designer and developer and industrial / maintenance engineer.

Lean design for manufacturing 90%
Global Manufacturing system 80%
Total Productive Maintenance & Reliability Centered Maintenance 100%
Process engineering 75%
AR Foundation ARCore - Unity - C# 80%
Natural Language Processing BERT -Python 60%
3D Modeling: Blender, Sketchup 75%
Data Analysis - Power BI 100%


I had the opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge since I started working as a maintenance specialist engineer (2012) to an industrial engineering analyst (2020). General Motors was the place where I developed my career as an engineer in the manufacturing environment. There I was able to complement my technical knowledge with managerial, soft, and self-taught skills. Furthermore, this cocktail allowed me to lead many projects such as manufacturing systems implementations and innovative projects also supporting projects in other GM plants.


Dario Chicaiza

Innovative engineer and designer process with 9 years of experience in automotive manufacturing. Nowadays this background is improving and complementing with the combination of emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence applied to manufacturing.

  • Unit 4, 425 Gaffney St, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
  • +61 467 734 818
  • dadobtx@hotmail.com


Master of Software Engineering - Artificial Intelligence Advanced

2020 - Present

Torrens University, Melbourne, Australia

The Master continues this year and this 2022 is the definitive one. The Master covers advanced software engineering techniques, challenging the fundamental principles of the discipline and exploring the limits of software design. Realistic AI projects related to neural networks, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning are part of the academic journey.

Bachelor of Electronic engineering & automation and control

2006 - 2012

Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito, Quito, Ecuador

This Bachelor of electronic engineering has an specializacion in automation and control which is applied to manufacturing processes. During the bachelor projects related with industrial networks, HMIs design, industrial control (PLCs programming) were developed. The final project tesis was to automate a level control ladder with neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Professional Experience

3D Immersive Environment Developer.

May 2022 - Jun 2022

University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

  • Design 3D scenes in Unity
  • Develop 3D scenes to Holographic, volumetric displays and VR headset
  • Multiplayer and Unity Network solution
  • Heightmap modelling to 3D maps and worldmap

Industrial Engineer & Maintenance Analyst and Subject Matter Expert of Continuous Improvement.

2016 - 2020

General Motors, Quito, Ecuador

  • Lead and implement Data Analysis projects for industrial engineering in Quito and Colombia Plants. Continuous improvement subject matter expert
  • Local business administrator Global Production Monitoring & Control (GPM&C) Scada Production system
  • Leading Industry 4.0 program in Quito’s plant GM.
  • Lead the demos development with Augmented Reality for Manufacturing Training and Ergonomics Assistant with Artificial Vision, together with third party GM's companies.
  • Participate in the Manufacturing Innovation Forum of GM Sud-America as Quito's plant responsible

Planner Maintenance Engineer (whole company).

2015 - 2016

General Motors, Quito, Ecuador

  • Manage all processes that are involved with managing Maintenance group tasks.
  • Implement maintenance techniques such as PMO (Optimization of Preventive Maintenance), OM (Maintenance Operator), RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) and FMEAS
  • Local Business Administrator of MAXIMO (CMMS, Maintenance System)
  • Automate informs just in time and Maintenance KPI’s in real-time using SQL sentences

Planner Maintenance of Weld plant.

2013 - 2015

General Motors, Quito, Ecuador

  • Schedule the whole maintenance tasks in weld plant
  • Improve maintenance programs designing and researching new corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance techniques
  • Local Business Administrator of MAXIMO (CMMS, Maintenance System)
  • Supervise the installation of D-MAX picks up's automatic mold (LG Korea)

Volunteer as a Project reviewer in NEPUS .

2021 April - 2021 July

NEPUS, Quito, Ecuador

  • Review and evaluate postulans projects
  • Improve data collection of Projects database
  • Create POWER BI dashboards to analyze projects


Here are some examples of projects I led to achieving business milestones and other projects I built from scratch to start my new journey in the era of AI and Augmented Reality.

  • All
  • Augmented reality
  • Data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence

Manufacturing training

Augmented reality

Amazon Review Sentiment Analysis

Artificial intelligence

Ergonomic analyst assistant

Augmented reality

Workforce cost analysis

Data analysis

WallBeds AR

Augmented reality

Curatore AR

Augmented reality

Productivity Metrics Management

Data analysis

Job cycle time analysis

Data analysis

Collaborative 3D Environment

Immersive Environment


Power Bi training and Dashboard developments are the services offered as a freelance which can be online or face to face.

Dashboard developments

Innovative and friendly dashboard creation designed in Power Bi according to customers' requirements and data sources that can permit making decisions and finding interesting insights.

Power Bi training

Customized training is available based on customer needs. Customers can choose the theme and the date. The cost is per hour of support.


David Rengifo

Ceo & Founder WallBeds Ecuador

The creative and intuitive capacity to solve problems in a disruptive manner is really inherent to his work-life.

Luis Chapaca

Supervisor MFG Excellence in General Motors Colombia

High potencial performace.

Nelson Rueda

Superintendent MFG Excellence in General Motors Ecuador

Dario is a persistent person in the goals that he manages with creativity and innovation.

Ross Smith

Director: Wearable Computer Laboratory

A Fantastic developer.



Unit 4/ 425 Gaffney St, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044


+61 467 734 818

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